4 Meter Agility Sprint Power Band 32mm

4 Meter Agility Sprint Power Band 32mm

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4 meter Agility Sprint Power Band 32mm

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Improve speed, joint mobility and explosiveness using this massive 4 meter agility power band. Secure the resistance band to a sturdy anchor point and stabilise the other end around your waist. Sprint, crawl or back pedal away from the anchor point until the band stops your forward progress and quickly return back to starting position and repeat. These are great for plyometric, agility and explosive workouts. The bands can also be used for partner-assisted dual resistance exercises. Sprinting bands support total freedom of movement under constant resistance. Be creative. This band is a practical athletic training tool that can be applied to any sport and used to dramatically increase power and quickness in all planes of motion.

See this link for drill demonstrations: http://www.stack.com/2015/01/28/band-agility-drills/


• Great for sports specific training for athletes • Sprint, hop or run against band tension • Plyometric applications • Build explosiveness with band resistance • Seamless band for durability Circumference length: 4000mm (4 meter circle)      Width: 28mm (see our other listing for a 44mm green band)      Thickness: 4.5mm          Colour: Purple

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