Product Features

1.Multiple combinations

The backrest can be adjusted in 9 configurations with an adjustment angle of 10 to 90 degrees. The seat cushion can be adjusted in 3 configurations (0, 8, and 16 degrees). There are multiple position combinations to adapt to an athlete’s different heights and body types.

2.Comfortable cushion

The bench has a comfortable cushion design with a recycled cotton inner portion that is sponge filled. There is an outer PU leather wrapping that is wear resistant and will not easily deform. Two PU wear resistant rollers at the tail of the bench provides convenience in moving the equipment. There are also handles for easy mobility.

3.Film Feet

The bench and the ground are separated by 8mm thick rubber gaskets that protect the ground from scratches.

4.High quality material

The bench consists of 3mm thick high quality pipes that are sturdy and durable.

5.Logo and warranty

Livepro’s trademark is nailed onto the bench with stainless steel rivets. It will not wear out or become damaged. There is a 1 year comprehensive commercial warranty.

6.Various scenes

This bench is suitable for strength training, commercial gyms, home gyms, fitness studios, and other venues.