Product Features

1.Sturdy wood panels

Fitness box is made of high quality multi-layer board with a thickness of 20mm, which can withstand great pressure.

2.Double layer structure

Fitness box with double-layer structure and strong internal support frame. The scientific inlay is arranged inside and can be safely stacked.

3.Double stable

Each layer has a 3.5cm high support leg, and can be fixed by 30 screws, which is double stability and solid.

4.Hand grip hole

Each layer of fitness box on both sides is designed with the hand grip holes, which is easy to grasp.

5.Logo and warranty

The logo permanently engraved on the side of each box will not wear out with a full 18-month commercial warranty against damage.

6.Various scenes

It is suitable for weight training, for gym/studio/sports team, and is a wise investment for gym.